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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  July 6, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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lowell melser has some very important information. >> if you have been outside, according to the maryland department of the environment, it's dirty. according to the thermometer behind me, it's 97 degrees. it is hot and humid. it is hard to breathe. according to the maryland department of the environment, a code orange has been issued saying is very difficult for people who were young and elderly. sometimes they have to go to the emergency room. they're able to get people cooler quickly. another scorching hot day and this mount sinai printer room doctor says he has seen more and more people making their way inside to the emergency room. >> wehem in, get them cold
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fluid, and it helps. >> the maryland farm and of the environment says air quality is so poor that they issued an orange air quality warning. what's their recorded in the forecast and then afterwards. these are based on epa standards. >> they have determined that there's a lot of pollution in the air that is literally cooking the atmosphere. 70% of all of the state's air pollution comes from other states and that the smoke may be playing a role as well. >> chicago and other areas are issuing these air quality advisory's. and is also being reflected by the wild flowers in colorado.
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you should use gas and electric grills and some of charcoal. for those who have overdone it, we have seen an example of the tools they have to literally cool people down at a rapid rate to end the excessive heat stroke like the sun machine. >> you can lower the body temperature faster than we would be able to otherwise. we get some fluid in here and we connect to the machine itself. and then these are applied on the sides and your chest and then it can lower someone's temperature quite quickly. >> it's crazy how hot it is. i have been standing outside for five minutes and i'm already sweating.
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tomorrow, issuing a code red for tomorrow meeting everyone is at risk and it's a good idea to stay inside and cool. >> they say they're restore electric service to more than 90% of those affected by the storm. at last check on power was on to most of the customers, but 16,000 still in the dark. they expect repairs and restoration to continue through the weekend. capt. roy taylor has been observing these through the -- from the year. >> north baltimore, just to show you two homes that are affected. these people will not be able to their backyard for weeks because most of the tree cutters are trying to get bge up and running. we had video to show you from
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earlier. the area north of baltimore city and baltimore county where crews were diligently attacking the neighborhoods trying to get in the area. i did have a chance to speak to officials and they were telling me that of all the trucks that have come in from out of state, they even have 300 that have come in from georgia alone. this does not include the stuff from canada and elsewhere, but just these three hundred from georgia. i'm capt. roy taylor. >> trees in a backyard are posing a problem for george richardson. she wants these cut and cleared, but what could happen?
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she has a conservation area right behind her home. >> i do worry about that. they did penalize me or give me some type of a fine in this situation. >> she is allowed to clear the trees, move them from use them for firewood. >> the trees may have been in a conservation district, but she is responsible for the removal. >> the maryland attorney general's office is investigating complaints of price gouging by some hotels and gas station owners. david collins joins us live with the details.
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>> price gouging is seen now as against the law, but it's not in maryland. the attorney general booking and gas prices shooting up by as much as 50 cents per gallon and a hotel room going for it seven times the listed price. storm debris is still being cleared. power still being restored. in the midst of all of this, some hotels, retail outlets taking advantage of the situation. >> it's ironic. you think the prices would go lower, not to take advantage of people. that is what some are doing. >> they are investigating complaints of price down and regarding huge increases in hotels and motels. >> this establishment which usually cost $59 per night
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jacked up the price to $500. this hotel usually $100-$150 in demanding $700. the price of these generators skyrocketed and the complaints do not stop there. the price of gas that one station shot up. >> there's the difference between a rainstorm and the ability to get gas. this is clearly price gouging. the problem is we do not have the price gouging statute. we have tried to push for one for many years. but they can be charged by the door-to-door sales back. >> then there are con artist and storm chasers, good at taking your money but not the actual work. complaints about the storm chasers usually roll in after homeowners realized that have nothing in return for the money they give the contract is up front.
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>> only homeowners to hire licensed contractors are eligible to file. >> they include high-pressure sales tactics, advanced loans and staying away from those that's a licensed and bonded. they are typically not. >> you can verify that the individual has a license and that the licenses current and in good status. >> if you believe you are a victim of gouging, the state attorney general wants to hear from you. we have a way to check on contractor licenses. go to david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. ." -- >> looking at your photos from ulocal. this tree wants it's own
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parking space in parkville. this house is holding up this tree. you can check safety tips on naand our mobipe apps. police are investigating a deadly shooting where they found an unidentified man suffering from a number of gunshot wounds. he was taken to the hospital to be treated but later died. they're hoping to recognize the suspect seen in this video. they say this man is the primary suspect in the death of terence anderson. if you feel if you can help police, your urged to call metro crime stoppers at 866-7-lockup. an important benchmark is looming.
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>> eyes is a precious commodity right now. take a look at the length of one company goes to to keep it in stock. -- ice is a precious commodity. >> problems for the o's. details in sports. >> he did miser is in warnings through the day tomorrow. how what will the weekend be? right now, 97 at
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>> the results from the maryland student exams are going to be released in a few days and tim tooten has more on it. >> the first official order of business for the new state superintendent. they will make the results public on tuesday. the important tests in the grades 3 through 8 will give an idea on how students are doing in reading and math. we will see the state results and how they scored in each of the 24 school districts. they have been looking over the results of the first of the week. >> where onto be preparing to release some of the data your getting ready to release those. >> the official results will be made public on tuesday morning and we will have them in the
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educational work. tim tooten, a wbal-tv 11 news. >> cooling off as red hot at charm city ice. despite not having power for three days, generate is kept the process gets sizzling. they have borrowed extra trucks and drivers and are loading them up to deliver high says fast as they can. they said they have never seen business like this. amount of working the hours they are legally allowed to work. they have to have a break. some of them have chosen to use that downtime to help out here with lists, reloading, get things done that they need to do. no one has been off. >> to give it a perspective, they have gone through 280,000 pounds of ice per day.
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>> now your 11 insta-weather + forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> no record high today. we have not set a new record all year in baltimore. 105 is the record high set in 2010. you need to have some scorching record highs to establish new highs. the record as back all the way to the late 1800's. the records are really hard to hit. tomorrow, the record it in little more vulnerable. the high is only 101.
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it looks like we will break the record tomorrow. we're seeing mostly sunny skies. bark -- baltimore, harford, kent, tracking down the storms and it helped to drag in the dryer and cooler air. while we are well up in the 90's, the dew point actually came down. a reading of 61 is relatively low for the middle part of summer. 96 easton, 97 cambridge. there are muddier than others, but not as human today than it
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has couple of days. begin by azeri, he warning, he watched continues. they will not cool off dramatically until perhaps monday. the frontal boundary that triggered yesterday's storms maggie in the drier air is gone. 102 degrees in chicago right now. sunny skies and a little bit more humidity. this will start to shift the went to the north and bring some showers into the area sunday afternoon and evening. add in some clouds and maybe some showers and all that means temperatures perhaps going a little bit below normal next week.
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light wind on the bay with waves around 1 feet. the mountains will see temperatures in the 80's of a good deal of sunshine. the storms will a riot as the front makes its approach down at the front. great beach weather but he may have to dodge a few storms sunday afternoon or evening. this is when the best chance for showers at the beach will be. it's going to be hot tomorrow. breaking a record high of 101. 95 sunday with storms are writing. highs in the low 80's for monday through wednesday. >> from the susquehanna bank's board center, this is 11 sports. >> the orioles are going hard after the final year of his contract and putting together a godo year in his contract with
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the brewers. teh o's continue to be by year's. -- buyers. still couldn't get a win against the angels. he's fun to watch when he swins -- swings and connects. davis had a pulled back muscle. the birds pounding on starter richards. with 2 on, to right. a three-run shot. the o's jump out to a 7-3 lead. giving up the game losing run. he was sent to aaa after the game. the o's needing pitching.
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maybe he's teh answer? c.j. wilson is the opponent tonight. mostly the usual suspects for the finals. federer and djokovic, the reigning champ. federer newaar court -- the easy win for feerer to take the 3rd. the king of grass. federer goes for grandslam title on sunday. andy murray wants to be the first brit to reach the finals for the first time in a while. agony. only lasted a few minutes.
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back at the net, a great diving effort. a semi-finalist is finally a finalist, facing federer. a terrible reminder how dangerous riding horses can be. in alameda county, california, the rider never recovered from his injuries. he was 33. one more check of the forecast6?
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>> it's no secret we're in a dangerous heat wave. how saturday's sweltering sun could effect a major weekend events. a new law in place at the the her with the drowning of a 5- year-old boy in a country club pool. that
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>> said you were lucky to have air-conditioning, stepping outside feels good for the first four or five seconds. >> tomorrow, 103 degrees. the record is 101. we will be breaking that record. >> we deserve a record. >> storms arriving with the cold front then this is a significant front. we will drop 20 degrees from saturday to monday. is back in the low 80's. -- highs will be back in the low 80's. >> thanks for joining us.
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